How to disable zoom?

I hope that the user cannot zoom in and out of the excel document, and the opened excel is the size ratio I specify.

Hey @FLG292,

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I’m not sure I understand.

What exactly are you trying to disable and why? Can you maybe use a screenshot to explain what you mean?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want someone:

  1. To be able to open a spreadsheet (ODS file)
  2. To be forced at XX% zoom level by default
    • For example, 125% zoom.
  3. And not be able to change it?

Zoom is very important for other devices—like on Mobile devices—or for Accessibility reasons (users with poor eyesight must be able to make the fonts much larger).

I don’t understand why a key feature should be disabled, but maybe I don’t understand your use-case or context.

thank you for your reply!I used google translate!I need third reply;forbiddin zoom!When I change zoom。There is a blank space on the left after zooming out, and there will be a blank space on the left when zooming in again, unless I reset the zoom. The version I am using is