How to read and answer forum posts via email

Discourse can be used exclusively via email. Here’s how:

Receive emails

“Mailing list mode” is a red herring, and will email you for every new post across the entirety of our Discourse instance, so don’t enable it, unless you want that of course!

Reply to topics via email

Simply reply to the notification email you receive in your email client!

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replying from email client

I read that it’s even possibly to actually create new topics by sending mails.

It’d be helpful if Discouse would show the necessary mail address somewhere in the user preferences, or even better on the start page - or maybe I missed it somewhere?

Yes Gohrner I think you are right but I would probably need to check and turn on another global setting in our discourse. I kinda neglected that for now because I wanted to verify some things first before doing so (e-mail server, spam etc).