How to setup the collabora-online in Windows?

I cloned the collabora-online repo into my local windows machine, but then not able to proceed any further with the setup process. Kindly help.

Welcome @suraj123 . To build Collabora Online please follow the steps in Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page . Also, if you find any wrong wording there please feel free to open a pull request or issue in GitHub - CollaboraOnline/ Community website for Collabora Online: Build Collabora Online; Build for Android; Build for iOS; FAQ; Communication channels; etc : )

Additionally, we do have weekly meetings be that to exchange what everyone is currently hacking on or to attend the weekly Tea Time Training sessions (training sessions around LibreOfficeKit & Collabora Online development)

Yeah, I went through the above link. It has gitpod setup for windows. That ran perfectly. But I want to run it on my local windows machine in VS code.

@suraj123 I see. To run it locally an option would be to install Linux in a container via docker (Linux containers on Windows 10 | Microsoft Learn, or another way would be to install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and then within that Linux container/environment follow Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page

I tried doing the setup using WSL (ubuntu). But the installation commands in Guide have become deprecated and obsolete. So I am getting a lot of errors.

It would be great if the setup instructions are updated and also if possible add the guide for Windows as well.

Sorry to hear that @suraj123. Could you please share here which errors are you encountering. Is it related to any of the required dependencies?

Easy hack created Add section: build instructions for Windows · Issue #123 · CollaboraOnline/ · GitHub . Please feel free to claim it or comment there what are your thoughts or what are the errors you have experienced and I will be happy to help :slight_smile: