Insert data from other spreadsheets

Hello here,
I have deploy a containerized echo system with Nextcloud + Collabora Online.

I want to migrate some spreadsheets that I have in google docs and those spreadsheets I have a formula with ImportRange to link data from other spreadsheets.

I found that there is the DDE formula, but I have not been able to make it work any suggestions for this?

Thank you I’m advanced!

Hello @chentex, it’s great to hear about that migration : )

Currently, and as far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to link cells in between different documents but it is indeed possible to do it in between different sheets of the same document.

but cross-linked spreadsheets is something quite popular, so i guess sooner or later it will find a way : )



I think it’s a good time to refresh this topic. As @chentex said before, we also want to implement NC + CO in our company. Our proof of concept with community version ends with the same issue.

Does anything happend from Dec 2020? Is there any feature that comes with a newer version?

Hi @Sebastian unfortunately we still didn’t get around that. We have been quite busy with other top requested and/or supported features. Nevertheless maybe it would be good to have this requested expressed in our GitHub so more people can also upvote/comment that : Create new issue: Feature Request