Referencing ranges in other sheets


There’s a cool formula in Google Sheets called IMPORTRANGE that allows you to reference ranges in other sheets.
Does Collabora Online have a similar feature?

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Welcome to the forum, @EtagiBI. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question.

No. Not currently.

But it would make a good enhancement request!

Do you have a Github account? You could submit it as a “Feature Request” to the Collabora Online github:

It would probably also help to include a link to:

and any other examples/supporting documentation/use-cases you have on it. :slight_smile:

As to the technical reasons why it isn’t implemented yet…

There are a lot of tricky issues with loading external resources/files, or running across “infinite loops” where A->B + B->A.

So right now, each Collabora document is “stuck in its own jail”.

Side Note: On a similar note:

  • Links to ranges in other external documents isn’t supported yet either.

It is in the list of feature enhancements though.

I even brought it up back in July’s weekly meeting #128:

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This long time waited enhacement is alredy in Github


Fantastic @Rodal . Thanks for linking to that exact Github issue.

Maybe for 2024? is it in the developement schedule?
We really need it to get rid of gogle sheets

If it’s in Github, it is known. (To my current knowledge, not much has changed since my August post.)

How are you using this feature in spreadsheets you use?

Sorry for the delay, Tex

We use it in several cases: to consolidate different user sheets each with their own permissions, or to have a common sheet that is the only one we maintain, for example for articles and then we import this data into others for sales statistics, purchase statistics, etc.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :blush:

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