Nextcloud - Filtering changes view of all users

Hello - I’m looking for how to prevent filters from changing the view of all users.

Example: We have several users in a large sheet with a status column. To-Do, Follow-Up, Urgent.

We need users to be able to see Follow-up sorted by date, Urgent by value etc. for workflow.


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That’s only a single view of the file being edited, thus currently this isn’t possible. In addition, having different views of the same content is one thing, but sorting them differently actually changes the data.

@bearon Large(r) sheets require filters.
Users collaborating on large(r) sheets hence require individual filtering.

We are currently experiencing the issue that users changing an applied filter, disrupt and hence prevent other users from entering data in the same sheet (leading to much frustration), due to the common dataview being changed in accordance with the applied filter by one user.

This is unworkable, and hence a showstopper for collaborative sheet editing.

Note : individual filtering is supported by the other major online office suites :

  1. MS Excel (“Sheet Views”) : Sheet Views in Excel
  2. Google Sheets (“Filter View”) :

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  1. OnlyOffice (“View presets”) : Manage sheet view presets - ONLYOFFICE
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This is interesting. Thanks.

Reading: How to Create a Temporary View in Excel for Collaboration

"The use of this feature can be both positive and negative depending on the users accessing the views. You are able to utilize the views saved by others, but it’s still risky as other users may alter a view willingly or by accident. "

So this is hard to find (hidden in nice marketing speak) but in my understanding, using the feature brings you in a situation where multiple people can change data without that being notified.
Not wanting to say that the feature cannot be useful :slight_smile: but to understand it’s pitfalls too.

@cornouws In my understanding, data changed by mutliple people is updated, even when in ‘Sheet View’ :

According to the referred article :
" What Are the Benefits Presented by the Sheet View Feature in Excel

Changes made to a single cell in the sheet view can be viewed by everyone the moment they are made.


That is true and does not exclude that it is not possible to work in the
same cells as the other viewers? :wink: