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Hi, i use Nextcloud with “Nextcloud Office” which is in the Backand a “Collabora” System.
i have the Problem, that in Excel i have blocked to filter the entries.
In the Online Version i can use the filter, so i can see the entries which are blocked for the user.

Can you help me there?

My question from german translate to englich by Google:
Hello everyone,
We have the “standard” Nextcloud office in Nextcloud.

In the office we work with Microsoft Office.
Here I have an Excel table in which I have hidden some things using filters and hide. I have locked individual cells using “Protect Sheet” and prevented hidden areas from being shown.

This works in Excel.

In Nextcloud Office I cannot overwrite the blocked fields, but I can show all the specified filters for deleted / hidden content.

can you deactivate this?
Does it work better with “onlyOffice” for example?

The sheet protection feature is only available in 23.05.10 or later.

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Where can i See which Version of Nextcloud Office it is and what collabora Version will used

Just go to Help > About

It will show the details.

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i think we have a newer Version.
A Field that is locked can‘t overwrite, but the „FilterFunction“ is blocked, in NextcloudOffice it is Not blocked.

Nextcloud Office

Sorry last Mail missed some Details

COOLWSD-Version: git hash: 89a7742(E)

built on a great technology base

Collabora Office hash:

Hey @NicolasGlatz. Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question/info. :slight_smile:

Can you share screenshots too?

I’m not that familiar with Calc’s/Excel’s “Sheet Protection”, but it might help if you show:

  • How it looks in Excel.
  • How it looks in Nextcloud Office.

I think that might help too. :slight_smile:

in Nextcloud Office i can Filter something
in Excel the filter we can few but not chance the filter

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Nextcloud Office

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Fantastic @NicolasGlatz. Thank you for the screenshots.

Can you create and share:

  • A sample ODS or XLSX document with some of this locked away / hidden stuff + a few filters?


  • Does this same thing happen if you open your spreadsheet in LibreOffice 24.2?

Side Note: While digging through the LibreOffice Bugzilla, I stumbled across this feature request too:

Seems like AutoFilter has some strange interactions when dealing with MULTIPLE filtered selections too.

Perhaps your use of “Protected/Hidden Cells” + “Protect Sheet” + AutoFilters causes some real strange edge-cases here too.

In Office i can’t install LibreOffice, private i have no WindowsPC, so i can only send you a excel file here.

TestExcel.xlsx (2.69 MB)

Thanks for sharing the file.

I see the XLSX is:

  • ~1 million rows…
    • With 10 showing. Rest are hidden.
  • And then goes all the way to column “GP”.

Using your test file…

In LO 24.2.3, I was also able to get many more rows of data showing by:

  1. Clicking on D5’s “Filter” dropdown.
  2. Unchecking the first few options.
  3. Pressing “OK” button.
  4. Clicking on D5’s “Filter” dropdown again.
  5. Clicking “All” checkbox ON.
  6. Pressing “OK” button.

It went from the initial row 10 showing → row 138.

In Excel 365, Version 2405 (Build 17628.20110):

  • Trying to click on the little “Filter” dropdowns didn’t do anything.
    • They were showing there, but it was as if they were “disabled”.
    • (Maybe because of protected sheet?)
  • You could hover over the Filter to see it was showing only things in column D that started with “150-”.

I was not able to get it to do the popup similar to your screenshot above.

But there definitely was some different interaction there compared to LO vs. Excel.

Note: Any chance you could boil this down to a nicer MWE (Minimal Working Example) file?

It would probably be a little more helpful with a smaller XLSX with something like:

  • 100 sample rows
  • + ability to see inside the hidden/password/Protected Sheet too

for easier debugging. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, now a new Version.

Korrekt, the user only see the 5 entries which begins with „150-„

I wan’t the funktion of excel 365

TestExcel.xlsx (40.2 KB)

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