No "editnew" action in wopi discovery

I need to open a zero byte file with some sample extenstion (pptx, docx , xlsx) in its corresponding app (powerpoint, word, excel).

I think for this purpose, CODE should support “editnew” action in its wop discovery (said here), but this action is not shown in <wopi client ip port>/hosting/discovery

Does not CODE support this action?
What should I do for this purpose?

You should be able to send a WOPISRC for a zero-byte file that you can serve with a given extension, and we should handle that properly without editnew, and create a default blank document for you. That used not to work with very old versions, but you should be using 6.4.8-4 anyway - it has a number of other nice features.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your help. It works :slight_smile: