'Save as' button missing in online editor

I have an integration in a Laravel Vue application. Since a couple of weeks the ‘Save as’ button is missing in the online editor.

My checkFileInfo is:
array:5 [▼
“BaseFileName” => “the_name.docx”
“Size” => 557921
“OwnerId” => “the_owner”
“UserId” => “testuser”
“UserCanWrite” => true

I have POST routes to files/{id}/contents and files/{id}

I can’t figure out what is wrong. Can someone help??

In the MS Wopi specification, there are some parameters which indicates that:

Maybe you should try to add those parameters in the response of your CheckFileInfo.

Hi Julien

I added some parameters to CheckFileInfo:

array:7 [▼

“BaseFileName” => “beslissing uitstel betaling.docx

“Size” => 9235

“OwnerId” => “testowner

“UserId” => “testuser

“UserCanWrite” => true

“SupportsRename” => true

“UserCanRename” => true


But still no ‘Save as’ button. Is this a known issue in the latest version (because we had the ‘save as’ button in previous versions).

Could it be that the icon is missing??