Overview of available and/or missing features in mobile apps

I‘m trying to push our school into using Collabora Office. Right now I‘m looking for an overview of similarities and differences between the platforms, e.g. the webversion used in a browser vs. the app on an android phone.
It seems that there are some missing functions in the Android app, e.g. there are no formatting options for added elements like circles and boxes.
Also diagrams are missing entirely.

So the question is, if there‘s some kind of overview available that lists those differences?


Hi @pechart ,

Editing elements (shapes, boxes etc):

  • Tap that element
  • Tap the properties icon up top (4th from the left)
  • You can now change many properties there including color, transparency, line etc

You can also

  • Long press to have access to contextual options (delete, Arrange, wrap, etc)

Also and as stated here Collabora Office for Android and iOS Release Notes - Collabora Office and Collabora Online you can always test the most recent snapshots Index of /downloads/Collabora-Office-Android-Snapshot and help with testing by reporting bugs : )

Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful. (Although I’m feeling a little bit dumb now…)

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nah : ) happy that helped !