Partially working? 0% connected

Hi all,

Trying to deploy a Collabora CODE installation, to integrate with OwnCloud. Owncloud works flawlessly, and I can see the endpoint and admin areas perectly at:

When attempting to open/create a document in OwnCloud Collabora hangs at this stage:

I’m at a loss as to how I can progress at this stage, having tried with both a native CODE install to a dedicated fresh Debian 10 VM, as well as the Collabora docker container. The result is the same with either context, so I’m clearly missing something.

I have a feeling it is likely reverse proxy related, having looked at the Apache and Nginx setups in the documents, but I can’t see why it would be a problem, if I can successfully navigate to any links otherwise.

Are there other endpoints I can test?

My infrastructure is:

* Using CF as a proxy in front of my hosted services (can do DNS only, if required)

* All traffic funneled through port 443 only, connections only accepted from Cloudflare IPs

* traefik (reverse proxy)
* OwnCloud
* Collabora SSL (termination @ traefik)

* Collabora dedicated VM, native CODE install
* SSL enabled, Origin Certs installed. Working just fine.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

On your collabora docker, use tag
6.4.10.* are broken when any kind of SNI is involved (probably this is the cause but not sure.
There is a commit that fixes the SNI a couple days ago, but the image are not uploaded yet on dockerhub.

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Hi Tom,

we had the same error with the nextcloud app after upgrading to 6.4.10 (subversion 1003)
On Saturday I’ve installed subversion 1004.
The error did not show up again since then.

P.S.: What is SNI?

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Thanks, I’ll try this!

Server Name Indicator. The way Cloudflare wrote about it made the most sense to me:

Good news! Will try it out. worked perfectly with no other changes to my setup, thanks!

Experiencing the same issue with [], but not with []

Just pulled [] and everything seems to be working fine…


I’m not using docker. can you duide me how to use old image?
this is how I install it on my vps
echo ‘deb Index of /repos/CollaboraOnline/CODE-ubuntu2004 ./’ | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/collabora.list