Collabora CODE Not working with Cloudflare Proxy

We recently moves all domain hosting and DNS to Cloudflare. The domain privacy and security options were a huge plus. We are having one issue though.

We have a self-hosted instance of Nextcloud and Collabora. Each are on a separate VM. When we enable to Proxy service withing Cloudflare for the subdomain ties to the Collabora instance, we are unable to load the editor. When you open a file in Nextcloud, an error message is displayed within NextCloud stating a connection cannot be made. I searched and could not find any other examples of this. Collabora uses standard http and https requests, so I’m not sure if it’s a configuration issue or something else.

I have looked through the coolwsd logs and nothing is recorded. I do not seem the connection is even made to Collabora. It seems the proxy is not repaying to the Collabora server.

Can someone with more knowledge on Cloudflare infrastructure and Collabora provide some insight into why this would not be working? Is there a solution?