Problem moving from to

Everthing works fine with, but if I try to use I get the following errors.
I first get a pop up statying that Collabora cannot open my file, then it gets stuck on this window:

I’m only updating the docker image and I’m not changing anything else.
I looked at the SDK documentation and I didn’t notice anything different regarding the reverse proxy settings [Apache].

Any suggestions?

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Same thing for me, using Nextcloud 23 with Nginx

The container seems to boot up, and I can get in to the admin panel. It seems from that panel I can see Nextcloud can’t make the connection to the document server anymore.

Going back to container resolved the issue.

Is there another change that needs to be made to the reverse proxy server?

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Same here, on Nextcloud 22, the new Collabora on docker either hangs on ‘connecting… 0%’, or says "can’t connect to document’.
Reverting to makes it work again. fixed this issue for me.

I can confirm works fine for me as well…

Yup fixed it for me as well