Some problems after installing the archlinux version

Hello reader,

I just installed the archlinux aur packet for CODE. It works mostly as expected, but I am seeing some messages from coolwsd that probably should not happen.


coolwsd[12018]: kit-12018-11721 2024-02-26 20:37:32.430543 +0100 [ kit_spare_00a ] WRN  chmod("/opt/cool/child-roots/11700-a04f9e4c/Fu32hmmx6lDUAfJI/lo/") failed: Read-only file system| common/JailUtil.cpp:282

This warning shows up frequently. I do wonder why this is. I installed and ran the server without jailing first but was tired of the warnings that come with this method. So I switched on the jailing and ended up with these failing chmods.
What can be wrong in my installation causing this?


coolwsd[11700]: wsd-11700-11731 2024-02-26 20:37:49.856498 +0100 [ websrv_poll ] ERR  FileServerRequestHandler: File not found: Invalid URI request: [/browser/619c3e6/images/dark/vereign.png].| wsd/FileServer.cpp:748

I frequently see file not found errors. I learned that the number inside the path is a version hash that is in fact dropped and replaced by "dist’’ most of the time. Still it looks like something is missing here.


Feb 26 20:36:59 coolwsd[11700]: [0] 'lool'
Feb 26 20:36:59 coolwsd[11700]: [1] 'convert-to'
Feb 26 20:36:59 coolwsd[11700]: [2] 'png'
Feb 26 20:36:59 coolwsd[11700]: full URI: //lool/convert-to/png| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:4432
Feb 26 20:37:27 coolwsd[11700]: wsd-11700-11731 2024-02-26 20:37:27.759810 +0100 [ websrv_poll ] ERR  #18: Unknown resource: //lool/convert-to/png , host: HOST:9980, path: 3

I doubt there should be a path //lool/convert-to/png. I reads like something not initialised, but what?


coolwsd[899]: wsd-00899-00928 2024-02-26 02:32:55.020061 +0100 [ websrv_poll ] WRN  Client - server version mismatch, disabling browser cache. Expected: 619c3e6; Actual URI path with version hash: /browser/824988663f/cool.html| wsd/FileServer.cpp:529

This one is really a bit of a problem. How can I make nextcloud and collabora install a matching version? I mean the nextcloud app store does not give you a lot possibilities for alternative versions…

Thanks you for reading. Hopefully someone can provide hints how to solve these.

Hey @joe-average-user. Welcome to the forums + thanks for the questions. :slight_smile:

(I edited your post a little by adding a little code “triple-backticks” to make the console output easier to read.)

Q1. What is your exact versions of:

  • Collabora?
  • Nextcloud?

Are you running Nextcloud’s richdocuments?

Q2. What installation instructions were you following? Can you please link me to them?

Nothing is wrong with your install there.

The WRN “Read-only file system” + “common/JailUtil.cpp” warnings shouldn’t show up in recent builds. See recent response in:

Hmmm… seems like vereign might be some sort of “document signing” thing. Perhaps a Dark version of the PNG icon is missing somewhere.

Were you getting this in your terminal when visiting a certain menu?

Hello Mike,

thank you for reading me!

The versions:

Nextcloud: with corresponding Nextcloud Office app (richdocuments)
Collabora coolwsd: coolforkit version details: - 619c3e6

The collabora installation is this (from AUR):
There is not really much instruction besides the one on the collabora web pages regarding coolwsd.xml and coolconfig

In the meantime I read some threads about the jail warning and move this question to future versions. maybe it is already fixed there.

The file-not-found as all other logs show up on the collabora server in its journal. There is nothing to complain about shown in the app or the admin web pages. That looks pretty ok.

Maybe all of my logged problems would be gone if I installed an app and collabora with matching versions. How do I do that? Is there something like a combined doc where both is elaborated a bit?

Thanks again Mike

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Hm, some antispam bot ate my reply post …
And there is no reference for me left to access the data it contained.
Sorry Mike, I answered your questions but it is all gone …

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That’s okay. I let it through now.

Thanks for that info. :slight_smile:

(Dang Akismet’s anti-spam seems to initially gobble up posts when people “post too quickly”. I suspect it happens when people copy/paste info in, so your whole post shows up in “less than a few seconds” = MUST BE A BOT!)

Hmmm, that page leads me to a 404. I think this might be the link you meant?

Yeah, it looks like there’s been a few minor updates since then:

  • Nextcloud → 27.1.7

Perhaps those issues were squished in that time.

Well, if you want Nextcloud AND Collabora together, then perhaps check out the Docker installations:

That would help you run versions separate from your bleeding-edge Arch ones.

Hello MikeD,

thank you for freeing my answer :wink:
Sorry for posting the git link instead of the weblink from aur.

Generally we do not want any docker stuff. We really like to know what is going on, whereas docker aims at people mostly interested in ‘‘painless working’’ installation :wink:

I do believe there is a real problem with the version matching or conflict between nextcloud and collabora. Is there some list where one can find which versions match (or even work together)? Because there is no way of knowing regarding only the versions. Since yesterday we have richdocuments 8.2.5. But how does that match to coolwsd How can we know that at all? Really, some table is needed, if not there currently.

Another issue I want to draw your attention to is the host aliasing. The xml config allows you to alias hostnames to a (means one) cloud instance. At least that is how I would understand alias. But we found out that this is not the case.
If you have and aliased in the config and assume that both are true aliases in terms of web and identical user base. Then you will be at least astonished when two users in these clouds try to share a document with collabora and do not see each other in the top row and of course do not see each others edits.
The alias seems to work in terms of access, but it does not work in terms of collaboration, which seems strange, not?
It would be helpful if you could at least confirm this so we at least know that we made no other mistakes.

You can see a little more info + a “map” of how they interact here:

From what I understand, the versions of Nextcloud/richdocuments/Collabora can be interchangeable… because they each cover different “layers”.

For example:

  • Nextcloud
    • = A server where users can login / save+move files around.
  • Collabora Online
    • = The actual document creation/loading/editing.
  • richdocuments
    • = How Nextcloud integrates+communicates with Collabora.
    • For example:
      • Syncing usernames+cursor locations.
      • Sharing Nextcloud’s file permissions.
        • Some people can read-only. Some can fully edit. Some can’t open at all.
      • Easily “Share” URLs to your Nextcloud document.

So you can upgrade Nextcloud, or upgrade Collabora, and as long as they are still speaking the same API/language, they can still communicate with each other.

(Of course, newer versions will probably fix many bugs and be better than old! :P)

lol. Well yeah, you’d get a painless and working install. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m unsure.

Were you able to get 1 working correctly?

Did you happen to see the relevant section in:

or the:

[…] When two users join to the same document but doesn’t see each other edits or saved content is lost or overwritten by other users working on the same file.

That means the HTTP requests related to the same file are not directed to the same Collabora Online node.

Read more at PostMessage API.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Just in short:

Collabora/Nextcloud integration:
we are on Linux here, APIs are like dust in the wind (sometimes). So if there is a magic way that the integration works no matter which version and API, then I would like to read that in some documentation, probably at the very beginning :slight_smile:

Host aliasing:
Yes I read the doc you are pointing to, it explains exactly what I would have expected. But unfortunately the inverse case of a single host and multiple aliases Is not mentioned in detail in the form that this does really work. It’s only implicit in the way that 2 hosts with separate aliases work side by side, meaning not collaborating.
My config is exactly as the example says, only with one host.
I am not talking about a loadbalancing collabora at this point.
Just one simple server.