Some problems after installing the archlinux version

Hey @joe-average-user. Welcome to the forums + thanks for the questions. :slight_smile:

(I edited your post a little by adding a little code “triple-backticks” to make the console output easier to read.)

Q1. What is your exact versions of:

  • Collabora?
  • Nextcloud?

Are you running Nextcloud’s richdocuments?

Q2. What installation instructions were you following? Can you please link me to them?

Nothing is wrong with your install there.

The WRN “Read-only file system” + “common/JailUtil.cpp” warnings shouldn’t show up in recent builds. See recent response in:

Hmmm… seems like vereign might be some sort of “document signing” thing. Perhaps a Dark version of the PNG icon is missing somewhere.

Were you getting this in your terminal when visiting a certain menu?