Status report: consultancy team, week 22, 2024


  • Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Add notes to slides should be possible
    ** Found the place where to disable map mode - this fixes the mouse interaction
    ** Got crashes while DnD the slide
    ** Debugging
    ** Parallel-debugging the crashing scenario (DnD the slide in Notes view; DnD of the notes there; DnD the slide in desktop)
    ** Online uses .uno:TransformDialog as a hack to DnD - why?
    ** Looking to the core git.history - nothing related?
  • tdf#161202: regression from tdf#159565
    ** also caused tdf#160958
    ** Investigating, creating minimal reproducer
    ** ooo96040-2.odt gives various samples (the first fix turned out insufficient)
  • tdf#160958: another regression from tdf#159565
    ** Turned out to be different
    ** Investigating, creating minimal reproducer
  • Assistance Functionalities: Tables: Add notes to slides should be possible
    ** More DnD crash debugging
    ** DnD fixed ( : a one-liner in the end)
    ** Debugging tile caching problem (switching back from Notes view to normal view gives garbled tiles)


PDF Reader - Create comments / add notes – improve slide & draw

  • refactor PDF annotation creation
    • to separate creating and adding of annotations
    • first create the annotation and add to page when all the needed data is
    • prevent issues when incomplete annotation is added
  • introduced test - added tests for inserting, deleting, undo/redo
  • annotation updating when changing the annotation object size, position, text
  • don’t output the annotation objects when exporting to PDF
    • write the PDF annotation data
  • better support for PDF annotation export
    • only simple export of annotations was implemented - polygon, ink
    • added some other types and changed the code so it is easier to extend
    • made line width and color work
    • added support for fill color


Worked on: