Status report: consultancy team, week 15, 2024



  • Working on a rendering issue introduced earlier
    ** Has something to do with character bounds
    ** Related to
    ** Debugging
  • Have a PoC fix for the rendering problem
  • More problems with the glyph bounds identified
    ** Have fixes locally
    ** Accidentally, the fixes touched an SVG unit test
    ** Looked into an SVG code
    ** Also have a PoC fix for their first part of SVG ticket
  • Some preliminary fixes for glyph bounds / clipping problem submitted upstream
  • More work on glyph bounds / clipping problem
    ** Lots of rounding problems - integer rounding is hard (use o3tl::convert!)


pivot table cell format:

  • Added more test cases and made them work
  • Rewritten resolving of references:
    • Painful how they are defined - not in a straight-forward way - it is an
      abstract selection of fields and combined and they point to one result then
      you can apply it
    • Sometimes it is OK to not specify a field it “selects”, but then in some
      cases the field has no value and it should not be selected
    • Resolving is done in steps - preparing the data, filling the data, then
      selecting and applying the format to cells
    • Also need to match the names (values stored as strings), because the
      order of pivot table “source” and pivot table “result” doesn’t match the
      indices defined in the references
    • Made it work for most cases
    • Only added support for data and label parts of the pivot table for now
  • Added OOXML export of the formats - just take what is in the pivot table
    and store it in OOXML
  • Up-streaming all, but ran out of time for anything more

Impress: Font size changes in textbox when editing PPTX

  • Backporting to 24.04 - some differences in the code than need to be addressed
  • Testing


Worked on: