Status report: consultancy team, week 23, 2024



  • Table content not displaying in LO 7.5 but visible in LO 7.6
    ** Backported the fix
    ** Had to also debug and backport fixes needed to build the distro/collabora/libreoffice-7-5+backports branch
    ** Tested the fix
  • Automatic spellcheck not working when switching away from wrong word
    ** Repro
    ** Creating a minimal reproducer
    ** Debugging
    ** backporting to 24-2 and co-24.04
  • Diagnosing a display/layout issue
    ** Estimated, created a minimal reproducer
  • Crash on load issue
    ** Debugging, creating a minimal reproducer
    ** Debugging (ctd.), trying to find a solution
    ** Tricky case of splitting a table row inside a splitting table row, with some merged cells


PDF Reader - Creating markers / highlights

  • make PDF export not render the annotation shapes to the document
  • PDF stamp annotation import support
  • PDF export fixes
  • backporting the code to co_24-04
  • fixing issues from CI and test failures

Impress ruler

  • adapted the values to be similar to Writer
    • the ruler 0,0 is canvas 0,0 and not where the document 0,0, so there is a margin from canvas start to the document
    • this values are adapted so the values are sent are relative to the document 0,0


Worked on: