Status report: consultancy team, week 6, 2024


  • ofz#66471 Direct-leak when cairo put into an error state
  • FOSDEM, hackfest
  • Fix tdf#156352 Patrick’s treeview problem
  • play around with the circular rotation widget background
  • merge various outstanding patches
  • more merge reviews
  • update coverity/crashtesting/fuzz backlog
  • test make check in 24.04 wrt skipping menubar notification
    in kit mode, looks ok, so merge
  • add a test to detect incorrect text color in dark
    mode writer chart rendering
  • fix null deref seen during call
  • do long standing backport of 1&1 reported issue to 21.11
  • return false early on 'null' origin by caolanm · Pull Request #8213 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
  • do other backports of rng stuff
  • ofz#66573 directly invert the colors in the palette
  • debug dark mode chart switching in calc
  • seeing a use-after-free in staging, reproducible locally
  • debug editengine difference



pivot table:

  • Pivot table doesn’t get imported, because the pivot table cache and
    the sheet data are not in sync
    • not being in sync is OK, this is not the issue
    • however because the pivot table description is made on the cached
      data we can’t rely on the sheet data to recreate it
    • in this instance we can’t rely on the sheet data to get the correct
      field name
    • instead we can get the cached field definition and take the field
      name from there
    • this will at least recreate the pivot table description correctly -
      even if we don’t import the pivot table cache data into the cache itself
  • With the fix in place the pivot table now is imported and we have the
    formulas that rely on the pivot table work
    • pushed the fix to LO master and stopped working on to see what they
      say about the fix
      • told them the fix will be available in next daily build
    • the colors of some fields are not imported too
    • but we don’t have a way to define a custom format for the pivot
      table field (just general styles for pivot table elements)

Impress: Font size changes in textbox when editing PPTX:

  • Looking at the CreateLines algorithm how we could make scaling
    internal in the editeng
    • We have much more control internally in the editeng on the changes
      and we could do it with much less overhead
  • Checking what is going on in some other cases, where the scaling changes
  • Looking into why CalcTextSizeNTP is returning a different value


Worked on 159483 – Calc HTML import: support data-sheets attributes