Status report: Henry week 17, 2023


Week 17,

  \+ feedback
    \+ pause

  \+ T31815 WSD: Problems with templates having regular extension \(eg\. ODP instead of OTP\)
    \+ pause

  \+ \[OTRS\#1003595\] Conditional formatting not shown properly \(ZGT\)
    \+ found new feature "contains cell" has  formula option
    \+ pause to wait user for more info

 \+ \[OTRS\#1003619\] Calc, RTL: Text selection is incorrect or doesn't work \(Chaim IT/Nextcloud\)
    \+ done

 \+ \[OTRS\#1003772\] \- Calc: Freeze row/column header is invisible for multiple sheets \(MTES\) \(GH\#5383\)

   \+ in progress

 \+ patch review