Status Report Week 26


Worked on

  • Fixing cypress issues

In progress

  • Selecting merged cells for formula
    doesn’t show the full merged cell selected


In progress

  • WSD: Editor can get stuck in session if it has read-only views


Worked on

  • navigator - helped Attila with jsdialogs

  • looked at copy paste detector for github

  • formulabar input in Japanese

  • Calc: Filtering on dates doesn’t work

In progress

  • Fix LanguageTool in core co-23.05 and master, and port patches there


Worked on

  • Writer: View jumps back to the beginning of document when deselecting shape

In progress

  • Calc: With multiple views, an edited comment is committed when the other user switches sheets


In progress

  • Deselecting merged cells using Shift+⬆ doesn’t work in some cases


Worked on

  • Libreoffice conference presentation – uploaded.

  • Notebookbar accelerators.

  • Notebookbar accelerators - multi language support

  • Notebookbar accelerators - desktop check.

In progress

  • Notebookbar accelerators - unique ids.

    • Done for Writer but there is more behind it. Will be checking this.