Status report: marco, week 17, 2023

Week 17

  • Online Accessibility improvements

    • populate the
      element with the currently focused paragraph
      • calc: when cell editing starts by typing a key, the first key went lost causing subsequent corruptions
        • it was still occurring when edited cell was not empty (fixed)
      • calc: selecting a cell on formula editing doesn’t append cell address to the clipboard area
        • it still doen’t work when cell is in a different sheet
      • calc: when a new sheet is appended accessibility events about cells are no more triggered (investigated)
        • it requires a better understanding about how accessibility works in Calc
          • we can’t listen to 1M cells for possible events
      • disabling new implementation for any document type except text document
        • goal: to make easier to have a patch which doesn’t break editing
        • accessibility support in core is turned on only for text document
        • cloned TextInput: A11yTextInput; focused paragraph is used only by the new class
        • only text documents use A11yTextInput for editing
      • when text selection spans more than a single paragraph, clipboard content is not updated properly on editing (fixed)
      • android: not easy to find the right code point where to create an instance of TextInput/A11yTextInput (fixed)
        • we need to know the doc type
        • now we create it in Socket._onStatusMsg before creating document layer
  • Next

    • Online Accessibility Improvements
      • create a demo about AT support for a text document
      • get “switch from textarea to div+contentEditable” patch passing CI and merged
      • populate the
        element with the currently focused paragraph (in progress)
        • <tab> is sent to core but it’s not inserted into the clipboard-area
        • when pre space is removed for first paragraph cursor position doesn’t get back to correct position
        • dictation doesn’t work properly in iOS
        • extend editing/accessibility support to Calc and Impress
      • support formatting markups inside the editable