Status report: consultancy team, week 32, 2023


  • do less writer comment measuring and positioning if notes
    are not shown, which is the online case
  • mem leak in calc?
  • how to reproduce? tried a few things but no definite leak
  • scrolling in calc
  • considered improved enough that it got closed


— Cursor is not invalidated when pressing space in LOK

  • Fix provided

— Writer: Crash when opening the attached ODT (debug build)

  • Spent some time testing with master / co-23.05

— Writer: Keep ratio checkmark on sidebar should be set for images by default

  • Investigated a bit


  • Continued working on “Calc: Display first line in cell by default
    when reading Excel file, roundtrip/editing case”
    • I have something locally that seems to work but I need to test it further
  • I will have to look into not sending over the nviewid on tilecombine. Sending the id is (I think) useless anyway because it gets replaced with the actual id… also it used to be that always 0 is sent. So why is the nviewid section needed there? Need to investigate.


Finish document themes for Impress:

  • adding ThemeDialog into impress
  • refactored to use sd specific ThemeColorChanger, and removed the common (svx) ThemeColorChanger
  • added changing of styles to ThemeColorChanger
  • adding undo/redo support to ThemeColorChanger
  • backporting to co-23.05