Status Report Week 21

Working on

  • More typescript and w2ui toolbars replacement to remove deps:
  • JSDialog - cleanup, dedupliate types
  • formulabar alignment - small CSS fixes
  • JSDialog case on background save - not a bug
  • Another view jump case - should be fixed with my new idea as well​​​​​​

In Progress

  • Vew jump case in calc


Worked on

  • Size of manage Track Changes dialog is not user-friendly
  • Inform users of comment editing conflicts with other users
  • Comment threads are often separated

In Progress

  • Comment - Save as reorders the Replies to the comment


Worked on

  • Fixed regressions on cursor issues. ​​​​​​​


Worked on

  • Don’t see any slide thumbnails when loading a set of ODP slide
  • Dark mode: Cannot see anything In dark mode interface, due to the font color being black
  • Calc: Automatic color text printed from Dark mode not seen

​​​​​In Progress

  • When user is resizing a row/column, other user cannot insert comment