Status Report Week 35


Worked on

  • notebookbar shortcuts focus bug (dropdowns)
  • jsdialog spinfield validation 22.05
  • font previews:
  • added hidpi rendering
  • mproved caching to store only best quality / biggest renders
    In progress- copy-paste detection in make check
  • calc column size changed after save in xlsx:
  • lots of conversions calc ↔ mso format, magic formulas

Worked on

  • fix wrong column data type if ui language change
    In progress​​​​​​- Calc: No info is shown that spreadsheet is read-only

Worked on

  • ​​​Impress accelerator keys
  • We have the correct view of comment relations on Online side (draft PR)
  • Other apps seem fine with the new additions. Online and core patches will need to be
    In progress- Working on the online side of the new comment replies feature.


Worked on,
in progress

  • Notify users of unsupported video format (ie. unsupported by the browser)

​​​​​Best Regards