Translation volunteering

Are changes in Weblate used by Collabora Online?
If so, if a translation is improved on Weblate, when does that become available?
If a new language is added to Weblate, when does that become available?
Does the new language have to already be supported by the respective host OS, or is it independent somehow?
Thanks Rob

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Hi @rpear

Changes in Weblate will be pushed to master branch shortly. Also, before releases I will cherry-pick translation changes to release branch, so translations will be up to date.

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Regarding language support, when Collabora Online is loaded by the integration, a lang parameter is passed. This is how we set language normally. The fallback is the browser’s preferred language, this is what you see when you test without integration and without lang parameter, for example when you run make run.

As for Collabora Office on mobile, the language has to be supported by the OS.