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How it is possible to setup a default UI language other than English?
I’m integrating CODE in an italian platform and would like the UI to be displayed in italian as default.


Good morning
I have the same problem since the last version, I want to follow the subject to have a track.

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Got the same issue as well and I prefer Chinese language.

I had the same problem and solved in this thread: Wrong locale pt-BR - #4 by Petter

You can add lang=pt-br to the URL to change the UI language on the fly. The docker image of collabora CODE already come with all language packages installed. If you are not using the docker image you probably will have to install your specific language package: Installation from packages — SDK https://sdk.collaboraonline.com/ documentation

If there is another way to change the UI language without relying on the URL parameter I would like to know.


Thanks a lot @Petter !
Anyway, doing it through configuration or even PostMessage API would be a better solution.
Looking forward to have an answer from the DEV team here.

Hello @ErikDW1 and thanks so much @Petter for answering and linking to that previous post.

Unfortunately, and as of now, the only way to set the UI language directly is via the URL parameter

Hey @Menelmacar , welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

At the end of your Collabora Online URL, you can add a:

  • &lang=pt-BR
    • = Portuguese (Brazilian)

(Notice the ampersand &, where you accidentally had a question mark ?.)

So, let’s say I had a full URL like this:

  • https://localhost:9980/browser/0621aa482/debug.html
    • This is the URL to your Collabora Online server.
  • ?file_path=/Examples/hello-world.odt
    • This tells Collabora Online which file to open.

You can now add an optional UI language component at the end:

  • &lang=pt-BR
    • = Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • &lang=pt
    • = Portuguese (Portugal)
  • &lang=fr
    • = French
  • &lang=de
    • = German
  • […]

For a basic list of HTML Language codes, see:

Currently, Collabora Online’s UI is translated into ~82 languages:

(Of course, more translations are always welcome! :slight_smile: )