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I’ve got 2 servers :
A production one with LOOL and a development one with CODE.
The versioning is slightly different.
Is there a correlation table between versions ?
Example :
CODE Server
Version COOLWSD :
Version LOKit :Collabora Office
LOOL Server
COOLWSD version: 6.4.17
LOKit version: Collabora Office 6.4-53


The version is quite different, not slightly.

Version number: The higher, the more recent (basically).

However, versioning scheme changed after the 6.4 series, 21.11 followed.

So your CODE server is one major version (and in that, some maintenance releases) ahead of the OOL version on your Collabora Online server.

Anyone: Please feel free to correct / extend my answer with a better explanation / more details.

Great reply; we work hard to get all our core code-changes up-stream into LibreOffice - but since we have rather a different product with a different release cadence, we no longer use the LibreOffice version numbers. That changed with 21.11 - which is based on LibreOffice 7.1, but after some months is really its own branch with a separate collection of feature/function changes. Also some huge wins in performance / design / capability over 6.4.x.
When you say LOOL - do you mean COOL ? - if you have that, then you should just upgrade to the latest version by tweaking the version in the repo URL.


Yes fine reply.
When I say LOOL it is collabora online enterprise edition : Loolwsd.
COOL is for the developper edition (CODE - Coolwsd).


I reply to myself :slightly_smiling_face:

LOOL is the 6.4 version
COOL is for the 21* version !

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