Watermark always visible with overlapping text

I just created my Nextcloud + Collabora Online CODE appliance and it’s working fine apart from this one thing that makes it pretty much unusable for me.

There’s this constant overlay in every file I edit with collabora. The text is overlapping so i have no idea what it says. Something about Support?

Am I expected to pay to remove this watermark? I thought this was free open source software

I don’t have secure view watermarking enabled so no idea why this shows

Please help with this! I really want to use collabora online, but this watermark makes it unusable!

Hi Tewan,

Collabora Online (COOL) is an open-source product that can be bought on a yearly subscription basis, along with a support package. It is suitable for enterprise, business, educational users who want a fully-supported product.

Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) is -as its name states- the development version of COOL, and is usually fine for home users who want to run their own online office suite for family & friends, and comes free of any charges (apart from the usual costs of your hosting provider, if any).

There is no compulsory watermarking, nagging you to pay, on CODE. CODE is a truly open source project/product, not a shareware. :wink:

You can start by checking the settings on your loolwsd.xml file. There are some options related to watermarking there.