Collabora Watermark orientation and color and font-size change

is there a way to change the watermark orientation, color in collabora? Please help

To test the performance of collabora community edition.
I have done the following.
created a html where 50 iframes with different documents are there and each iframe has collabora viewer wopi client web address. out of 50 iframes only 30 iframes are showing viewer and other iframes are showing can not connect error. machine size is 2 core 8 GB.

anyone can help please on the watermark customization on collabora?

Sure - so, see the SDK - for changing the Watermark text by tweaking the CheckFileInfo results. I see no reason why a new field WatermarkColor shouldn’t be added to the CheckFileInfo result; feel free to send a patch; you’ll want to re-color in Watermark::getPixmap from black → whatever; and git grep -i watermark is your friend:

If you have a script that shows a connection error - that’s interesting, it would be good to provide that so we can use it in our testing.


I have collabora community edition.
i am calling another domain webservice from cool.html javascript. collabora gives error "because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “connect-src ‘self’”. there is one settings in coolwsd.xml “content_security_policy”.
need urgent help to resolve this issue.

Please don’t ask the same question in multiple topics: see Resolve error "because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self'" - #2 by mmeeks for this question.