Adding a button that does something, how?

Hi, I’ve been a user for a while. I just developed a test plugin for NextCloud only to realize it wasn’t necessarily the right way.

I just tried via Gitpod and was able to setup a development environment very conveniently.

Now looking in the documentation I found FAQ — SDK documentation but from there I’m not sure what to do next. Would it be there or rather Using Python scripting in Collabora Online — SDK documentation following some of the example?

To give an example here it could be selecting text in a document, applying the action then return the text in reverse. Another example would be in a presentation document search for text and the image of a URL to integrate in return.

Finally, beside the examples from the documentation, is there a repository of plugins or customizations?

Hello @Utopiah yes we have a repository for minimal examples collabora-online-sdk-examples/webapp/python at master · CollaboraOnline/collabora-online-sdk-examples · GitHub