Beginner questions // Where do I start / first steps as a Collabora - Nextcloud user

Hello, thank you for being here.
I am tasked to explore Nextcloud as a cloud option and with it comes Collabora. Naturally we use Microsoft and Google for Office tasks so it is a bit unusual. Sadly this forum only allows me to post 1 image so i linked the rest. They might only be available for some weeks.

0 I looked for first steps and the Google entry told me to look for templates or wizards. It yielded no usable results.

First Steps
Images of Collabora - Google Drive

1 I tried to recreate a simple layout like in image 1. But I stumbled really quick.

Peek 2024-02-29 13-58

2 I tried to integrate a table like in image 2

3 and looked how to create a simple database to insert the data into the writer layout like in picture 3. I feel really dumb because I cannot create any useful outcome. Down below is an example of a random writer file we use:

Images 1-3: Visit link above. (Can only post 2 links)

Is it a project under development and will be available in the future or am I missing something / do I have to work radically different?

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Hello @LeHarry and sorry for the delay it seems the spam bot flagged and removed this post, I have now fixed it.

  • I am tasked to explore Nextcloud as a cloud option and with it comes Collabora. Naturally we use Microsoft and Google for Office tasks so it is a bit unusual.

    • We can actually help with that process. From how to configure and migrate existing files to prices and integrations. Please send an email to so someone from the team can help with your question or/and give you access to a demo account.

Select a template directory

  • 0 Templates
    • Collabora Online is fully integrated with Nextcloud (AKA Nextcloud Office) and template support is in it. A number of default templates are included and users can manage their own templates in the Templates folder. The template folder’s path can also be set in the Nextcloud settings (Settings > Office > Template directory)
  • 1 Position and Size dialog
    • Thanks for the video. I was able to reproduce it. I will file that as bug right away. Note: meanwhile you can access the same feature from the sidebar
  • 2 Yes it’s possible to insert multiple tables and perform table operations (resize, split cell, split row, protect cell, etc)
  • 3 I have inspected the provided images. And everything should be possible.
    • All this feedback is really valuable. It feeds into our ongoing polishing and UX improvements. Thank you!
    • have to work radically different? that shouldn’t be the case and if it’s I would love to know where are your pain points. We try to keep track of community feedback from various sources: Forum, GitHub, Email, Feedback dialog/popup (Help tab > Send Feedback). Nevertheless official support goes to customer and partners.

Additionally note on the Templates:
If no template folder is setup yet you can do so right from the files view: click the + button and select “Set up templates folder” to create a new template folder:


Yes, very active : ) as you can see by the amount of improvements and fixes coming in frequently: Commits · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub


Hey @LeHarry. I’ll attach your 4 images here so they don’t get lost:

Q0. Templates

You accidentally linked to the help file for:

  • Collabora Office
    • This is the desktop version. (LibreOffice with a Collabora skin + a few more patches.)

What you wanted was:

  • Collabora Online
    • This is the one that fully runs online in your browser (and/or hosted in your Nextcloud).

Here is the (advanced) help file for Templates in Collabora Online:

or Collabora Online + Nextcloud:

You’d have to place your OTT files into a very specific “Templates” directory.

Or like @pedro.silva said—with Nextcloud, there’s a nice little GUI/folder you can adjust for that. :slight_smile:

Q1. “Simple” Layout

Hmmm… doesn’t look very “simple” to me. Looks like it has multiple “Frames”/“Frame Styles” (or a multi-column section) in it.

  • How was this document initially created?
  • Can you share a sample file?

Q2. Tables

Like @pedro.silva said, you can recreate these tables.

It might be a little trickier/slower though, because you:

  • don’t have full access to Styles (or the sidebar)

as easily as you can in LibreOffice… so you’ll probably have to do a lot of manual formatting again and again for many of your rows/tables/borders/colors.

Q3. Database → Writer

And again:

  • How did you happen to create these files before?

Yep, it’s being updated all the time. See Pedro’s link above. :slight_smile:

Also follow the Collabora Office Blog for the latest updates too.

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Your enthusiasm is great, thank you!

My colleagues are not ready for a change yet but I’ll transition my light work and test how it runs over the year. Really cool how it is ready to go. The whole registering and reading conditions hell simply non-existent.

The interoperability with Libre Office is just as smooth as Google Docs’ is with Excel. Usability is usually hard to nail, especially for open projects, so I appreciate your effort in that realm. Do you have a dedicated usability corner where experiences are posted?
Best regards

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You can post on the forums if you want. :slight_smile:

Even better! Collabora Online is using LO technology under the hood… so if it works in LO, your files will probably work exactly the same in Collabora!