Arrow in presentation


Spent a lot of time searching how to insert an arrow in presentation :). Here the Insert menu:

I can insert a big arrow from “basic form” but I need a simple line with arrow extremity.

Thanks a lot.

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Interesting question - I also could not find a way to add lines and/or connectors… Maybe it’s not yet implemented and you should file a feature request on GitHub?


Even thought adding that “inserting a line” is possible (in the current code) it is not exposed yet.

I already looked into it and it seems to be needing some more improvements before we expose that (such as better detection of the object so the selection is not so painful; visual feedback missing when we are about and then drawing the line etc).

Here is my test in writer but the same is true for impress:

GitHub: Arrow in presentation #1139


Thanks a lot for the feedback.
I know it’s painful as I made some copy/past from another presentation with arrow lines opened in collabora but build with libreofffice desktop :). But I’d really like to get it like that than to not having it at all.