Q: NC21 + Collabora CODE - How to Activate Abootate PDF Feature?

Hi !

I have docker-based NC21 + Collabora CODE installation. How to activate new feature of latest CODE version - ability to open and annotate PDF files? There are no menu item like “Open in Collabora” with NC web shell. I disabled built-in PDF viewer, now click on PDF files brings “Download” dialog. Something is missing here.

How to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

In the meatballs menu near to the file name in Nextcloud, you should have an Edit in Collabora Online Development Edition option. I’m not sure why it doesn’t open the editor when clicking the file when the regular PDF viewer isn’t installed, perhaps that could be reported at Issues · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub

OK, thank you, I found it. It is under the 3-dot icon (…) right to the file name in the list. It allows only add text notes on the right side section. Quite limited.

An excellent example of how to properly implement PDF annotation/mark-up is Apple Preview.

As a workaround - create a new ODG, then insert an image (select your PDF → send to back → protect position and size). Another option is to set PDF you would like to annotate as a background image in ODG.

As a PDF preview, the built-in viewer loads much faster, so no bug report necessary.
NC21 currently don’t have menu to create ODG, it have to be uploaded. This should be somehow fixed.