Bugs encontrado no APK

  • Redimensionar de coluna.
  • Validação de dados.
  • Travamento inesperado na hora de dar zoom.
  • No momento de colocar uma fórmula e selecionar outra aba, não seleciona a mesma.

Hello @ecomania, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for helping with the Android APK and Calc. :slight_smile:

I’m going to translate your post from “Portuguese (Brazil) → English” using DeepL:

Bugs found in the APK

  • Column resizing.
  • Data validation.
  • Unexpected crash when zooming.
  • When placing a formula and selecting another tab, it doesn’t select it.

Q1. What is the exact version of your Collabora app?

  • When you are in a document, press:
  • Three-Line Menu > About.

Q2. What phone + Android version are you using?

Q3. Can you give a little more steps on each problem in Calc? What buttons/menus are you pressing?

I just tested Column Resizing, and I was able to get it to work:

  • Clicking on a column
  • Then pressing + dragging on the “two lines” on the right:

Note: There is a newer 24.04 APK coming out for Android soon. There have also been lots of fixes since 23.05.

Hopefully that will fix some of your crashing issues too. :slight_smile: