IOS Buffer overflow in Calc + Diagrams not usable


When I try to edit a „larger“ file (ods-file about 800 kb, with 160 columns and 40 rows, half with formulas calculate the data and diagrams) in iOS, the Collabora app crashes every time since version 23.05.5. Before that, I could edit the same file.

I use an iPad Pro (11 inch, 4. Generation) with iOS 17.1.1. (with an external keyboard).

I also ask you to improve the function of the diagrams. Diagrams can be created with Collabora on iOS, but can only be changed or adapted very laboriously (or not at all). Often there are no usable buttons or input areas / buttons or Input areas do not respond to interaction. The diagram function is almost unusable on iOS.

I think that’s a pity.



Hey @bino38. Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info.

So, the same file, in a slightly earlier version of Collabora Office, will now not open?

That sounds like a regression.

Could you please:

and, if you can:

  • Share the problematic document.
  • About how long ago was the version that worked?
    • And this was an ODS that was created/edited/working on iOS? It wasn’t imported from elsewhere?

Hmmm, what exact buttons/menus are you pressing?

And what do you mean by “Diagrams”?

Do you mean charts/graphs? Or shapes?

And yes, the mobile Android/iOS version can probably use some enhancements when dealing with edits on these objects.

Again, if you could please:

  • Submit a “Bug Report” to the Collabora Github

then the dev/QA team can be aware of the issue and keep track of it. :slight_smile:

Make sure to include:

  • What buttons/menus you are pressing
  • + any screenshots

That really helps the team test / figure out what the issues are, at-a-glance.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Hey Tex,

Thank you for your reply. I will create two bug reports in the git-hub.

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Great. And once you do, could you link them here too? That would help if others come across the same issue in the future.

I created an error message in GitHub for one of these problems, but nothing has happened so far. :frowning:

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Fantastic @bino38. Thanks for pinging the Github issue. :slight_smile:

Looks like as of yesterday, there was some movement.

If you could share this problematic file (ODS/XLSX) with the team, I think that would help them figure out what the heck is freezing up on the iOS version.