Bump to version causing weird menu with English and Brazilian Portuguese words

Bumping collabora/code from to is causing some issues with translation. Some menu items are on English and others are on Brazilian Portuguese.
I’m using lang=pt-BR on the URL


Does anybody knows how to fix this?


Hello @lpw,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the bug report. :slight_smile:

This is already fixed for the next release of Collabora Online:

It was fixed in these recent Github commits:

The Portuguese (Brazilian) translation fell out of sync in a recent update, so it fell back to the default English strings for some of those menus.

Wait for the latest release, then you’ll automatically get it. :slight_smile:

And then you can test the Portuguese (Brazilian) UI by appending this to the end of your Collabora document’s URL:

  • &lang=pt-BR