Calc document & filters scrolling very slow

I am using CODE inside ownCloud and if I open an xlsx file with a few thousand lines with calc, stack some filters, the document rendering gets incredibly slow, like 30 sec to build up the document sometimes and when scrolling, this goes on.

Its an Ubuntu 22.04 server with 14 CPU Cores and 64 GB of RAM, just default linux package installation of CODE.

Any idea what can be optimized here? Or am I simply too complex with my request? Server ressource monitoring does not show any sings of high load while waiting for the document to build up.

You may try to view the document with another browser - in my experience, CODE is significantly slower in Firefox than it is in Chromium-based browsers (Chromium, Chrome, MS Edge, …).

Does your document have many cell comments? If so, which CODE version are you running? Older versions hat massive performance issues with cell comments, but this was improved sometime last year.

However, my impression is that current CODE releases have some performance regressions in Calc again, performance unfortunately is not too well in the 22.05 series. 21.05 may be faster for you, but probably has known security vulnerabilities.

Nevertheless, it should be usable - nowhere near the 30 seconds for a redraw which you’re mentioning.

We’re also using relatively complex sheets, however normally longer than wide - so I’ve no first-hand experience with sheets with many columns, only with many rows.

Hi @GOhrner, it was reported to be in Safari, I could rebuild the issue in Firefox and Chrome with applying just a filter in one column and I scroll over the list. The more I scroll down, the longer it takes to show content. Sometimes (scrolling 300 rows or so) it takes more than a minute to show content, no way to work with that.

Cell Comments: No. 6 columns, 1000 rows in the whole document, no calculations, pure content per cell without any relations.

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