Scrolling / typing / 2D-graphics extremly slow (NC21)


we have an ubuntu LTS 20.4 server running NC21 with CODE. When using calc, the user interface is extremly slow when:
-deleting letters
-typing letters
-selecting cells (with mouse or by “shift-pagedown” or “shift-arrow”

The problem seems to increase when more persons work in the same cals file.

I would like to know, how this can be accelerated.
Are there any logs that would be usefull?
Is this depending on the browser?
Do more CPUs help?

Thanks for any hint and advice.


Hey, @MVZ-LRA !

Have you checked the utilization of the system resources when you experience these symptoms? (To see if there is a hight/abnormal memory consumption or a high CPU load.)

If so, increasing those would possibly help. You can also try with different browsers (preferably latest versions) to see if it makes any difference.

We have also made some performance improvements in the latest version of COOL, so also upgrading it might help.

If all fails, you can create an issue with all the details you have.

Oh, and is it a standalone CODE installation or the built-in CODE? If it’s the built-in CODE, it is normal not to have the same performance as the standalone installation. It’s focus is ease of installation and making it available to everyone so it has some extra layers of abstraction.

Hi kara,

CPU-load and etc. is low. below 25% usually. It’s a built-in CODE installation.

Thanks for your feedback.


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