Cannot edit document online on Windows 11

Hi, I have a nextcloud 23 server with Nextcloud Office which uses collabora and I am able to edit the documents online on several devices however this week I wanted to edit a document quickly on my Windows 11 machine and instead of allowing me to edit the document online it started the downloading the document to my PC. I tried using incognito mode two other browsers but it’s the same story document downloads instead of opening up in the browser for online editing as expected.

I tried opening the same document on other devices ipad, android, ubuntu, windows 10 and all of them opened the document in the browser for editing.

I posted a question on the nextcloud support forum Document is not opening for editing in browser forces me to download document instead - 📄 Collabora - Nextcloud community and was directed to the Collabora community.

Can any one please help me investigate this further? Anyone else having the same problem with windows 11 specifically?


Welcome @meldarionqeusse ,

And when you go to the settings on your nextcloud web interface what do you see? SettingsOffice (under Administration) Could you paste the screenshots here? And if it’s red does anything change when you click again in the Save button?

I tried again today and the problem seems to have fixed itself. The only thing that has changed is that there was an update for Windows but I am not seeing anything related to this issue.

interesting maybe there were some system level services that needed to be restarted (?) well I’m glad it solved itself out :slight_smile: