Cannot load file

I have been using NC24 for two days and now collabora brand new. It often happens that the file I select in the Nextcloud folder are not loaded or it takes a very long time. Then the message “Cannot load File” appears. At that moment no user with any browser can open the file. Sometimes a few minutes later it works again, sometimes I have to reset to a previous version.
Sometimes an icon “Loading” appears. What can I do so that it runs more stable and not always the above error happens. So we have to check our entries again and again, so that nothing gets lost.

Which version of Collabora are you using? And is it the built-in version ?

I see this error, when it loads for over 2 minutes, if i switch fromt talk to files. But it also happens if i switch from dashboard to calender. There is not any rule.

Collabora online - built-in code server 22.5.301
collaborative tags 1.14.0
Nextcloud office 6.1.0
Nextcloud 24.0.2