Can't access admin page

I have collabora install in a Truenas VM running ubuntu 20.04. Truenas runs a reverse proxy with caddy.

Entering in a browser collabora/hosting/discovery in a browser will output the contents of an xml file works
Entering in a browser same domain with /hosting/capabilities works as well but
When try to access the admin console with I get HTTP ERROR 400

Here is my yml file

version: '3.3'
      - '9980:9980'
    container_name: collabora-code
      - username=admin
      - password=password
      - 'extra_params=--o:ssl.enable=false --o:ssl.termination=true'
    restart: always
    image: collabora/code

sudo docker logs -f collabora-code

kit-00039-00037 2022-02-13 15:17:40.860156 +0000 [ kit_spare_001 ] INF  Kit initialization complete: setting log-level to [warning] as configured.| kit/Kit.cpp:2820
Ready to accept connections on port 9980.

wsd-00001-00041 2022-02-13 15:19:40.945069 +0000 [ websrv_poll ] ERR  Unknown resource: /loleaflet/dist/admin/admin.html G, host:, path: 4
[0] 'loleaflet'
[1] 'dist'
[2] 'admin'
[3] 'admin.html'
full URI: /loleaflet/dist/admin/admin.html| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:2822

Caddyfile excerpt {
	encode gzip
	@collabora {
		path /loleaflet/* # Loleaflet is the client part of LibreOffice Online
		path /hosting/discovery # WOPI discovery URL
		path /hosting/capabilities # Show capabilities as json
		path /lool/* # Main websocket, uploads/downloads, presentations
	reverse_proxy @collabora

Hi @NasKar hm I see some lool and loleaflet strings going on there. We have renamed some of those and most likely that is the culprit, let me sending documentation reference

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I don’t see an /etc/coolwsd directory.
Here are the dir in the /etc

acpi                           calendar             emacs          gtk-2.0    modules              pm                       sane.d             thermald
adduser.conf                   chatscripts          environment    gtk-3.0          legal           modules-load.d       pnm2ppa.conf             security           timezone
alsa                           console-setup        environment.d  hdparm.conf      libao.conf      mtab                 polkit-1                 selinux            tmpfiles.d
alternatives                   containerd           ethertypes     host.conf        libaudit.conf   mtools.conf          popularity-contest.conf  sensors3.conf      ubuntu-advantage
anacrontab                     cracklib             firefox        hostid           libblockdev     mysql                ppp                      sensors.d          ucf.conf
apg.conf                       cron.d               fonts          hostname         libnl-3         nanorc               profile                  services           udev
apm                            cron.daily           fprintd.conf   hosts            libpaper.d      netplan              profile.d                sgml               udisks2
apparmor                       cron.hourly          fstab          hosts.allow      locale.alias    network              protocols                shadow             ufw
apparmor.d                     cron.monthly         fuse.conf      hosts.deny       locale.gen      networkd-dispatcher  pulse                    shadow-            update-manager
apport                         crontab              fwupd          hp               localtime       NetworkManager       python3                  shells             update-motd.d
appstream.conf                 cron.weekly          gai.conf       ifplugd          logcheck        networks             python3.8                skel               update-notifier
apt                            cups                 gamemode.ini   init             login.defs      newt                 rc0.d                    snmp               UPower
avahi                          cupshelpers          gdb            init.d           logrotate.conf  nsswitch.conf        rc1.d                    speech-dispatcher  usb_modeswitch.conf
bash.bashrc                    dbus-1               gdm3           initramfs-tools  logrotate.d     openvpn              rc2.d                    ssh                usb_modeswitch.d
bash_completion                dconf                geoclue        inputrc          lsb-release     opt                  rc3.d                    ssl                vim
bash_completion.d              debconf.conf         ghostscript    insserv.conf.d   ltrace.conf     os-release           rc4.d                    subgid             vtrgb
bindresvport.blacklist         debian_version       glvnd          iproute2         machine-id      PackageKit           rc5.d                    subgid-            vulkan
binfmt.d                       default              gnome          issue            magic           pam.conf             rc6.d                    subuid             wgetrc
bluetooth                      deluser.conf         groff        magic.mime      pam.d                rcS.d                    subuid-            wpa_supplicant
brlapi.key                     depmod.d             group          kernel           mailcap         papersize            resolv.conf              sudoers            X11
brltty                         dhcp                 group-         kernel-img.conf  mailcap.order   passwd               rmt                      sudoers.d          xattr.conf
brltty.conf                    dictionaries-common  grub.d         kerneloops.conf  manpath.config  passwd-              rpc                      sysctl.conf        xdg
ca-certificates                docker               gshadow        ldap             mime.types      pcmcia               rsyslog.conf             sysctl.d           xml
ca-certificates.conf           dpkg                 gshadow-      mke2fs.conf     perl                 rsyslog.d                systemd            zsh_command_not_found
ca-certificates.conf.dpkg-old  e2scrub.conf         gss         modprobe.d      pki                  rygel.conf               terminfo

loleaflet needed to be changed to browser and lool to cool in my caddy file. Now it all works. Hope that helps someone else. {
	encode gzip
	@collabora {
		path /browser/* # Browser is the client part of LibreOffice Online
		path /hosting/discovery # WOPI discovery URL
		path /hosting/capabilities # Show capabilities as json
		path /cool/* # Main websocket, uploads/downloads, presentations
	reverse_proxy @collabora