Can't open files=The server has disconnected | admin page=server has been shut down/logs=client - server version mismatch

Hey, I’m trying to set up a collabora server to use with next cloud and I can’t seem to get it working. Running through Docker(-compose) on a raspberry pi 4 behind an apache 2.4 reverse proxy.

Whenever I try to open a file, it just hangs, with a message that flashes for half a second on the bottom of the page that reads “The server has been disconnected”. Nothing interesting in the logs.

When I try to go to the admin page I get an error that says “Server has shut down; please reload the page” but obviously nothing happens when I reload the page. In the logs I have the following for trying to access admin page:
[ websrv_poll ] WRN client - server version mismatch, disabling browser cache. Expected: fdc7ddf7c| wsd/FileServer.cpp:288

Any ideas? I really appreciate any help and/or a direction into the right places to look.

Welcome @Art.

You can follow the guide on Setting up Apache 2 reverse proxy - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

That should help when setting up Apache reverse proxy.

You can ask for more details if that does not resolve the issue.