Collabora Weekly meeting #49

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #49

Date: Nov 18, 2021

Next meeting: Nov 25, 2021

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  • Pedro, Andras, Kendy, Szymon, Michael, Gabriel, Nicolas

Community update (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Community website: have swapped CTA removing COOL days.
    • Added info that COOL days videos are available.
    • E-mail to all COOl-days speakers with their talks.
    • Marketing shared on social media.
  • Redesigning Welcome dialog (Pedro)
    • postponing this to fix issues / paused for now.
  • About dialog
    • various things to fix & improve here.
      • Now working on iOS & Android too – on master
    • needs to be back-ported to 6.4 – should look better
      • latest work around Avatar list.
      • Ongoing work from Luka / Szymon / Julius
  • Current theme – needs to be at a nice stage in both classic & notebookbar
    • some blockers related to notebookbar – many were aleady fixed re sidebar.
    • Had some quirkiness re: width & alignments – now fixed.
      • Some thing still not fixed, need to have done …
    • A request from Aron & discussion ongoing re:
      • save-icons in notebookbar in COOL theme; not rely on color 100%

The Cypress tests (Pedro)

  • pull requests from people were not merged due to failures
  • various tests fixed – should be working now.

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • CO-2021
  • 6.4.15
    • would be the next – a couple of good fixes in stable branch
      • waiting for one more; didn’t plan one for this week.
  • CO 2021 last bits (Kendy)
    • missing the notebookbar by default
    • about dialog
    • rename – most important bits already done.
    • Mert traveling today.
    • Padding around cursors / bug …

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • PDF conversion – after merged – should we port it to 6.4 ?
    • person who created the forum topic – uses 6.4.9 …
    • if it’s safe no reason not to put it in (Michael)
      • needs a 2nd review.
  • Discover important bug related to saving → CO-2021
    • Ash answered the comment – seems we managed to partially diagnose the problem
      • related to local-files editing; so no-one else reproduced it.
        • If using WOPI-like not a problem.
      • Evaluating Ash’s comment.
      • Didn’t use debug.html to test it yet – app crashed.
      • Need to go back to it; if this code not used in other places – not a big issue.
      • Concern comes from local testing not production where different code is used.
      • Hard-linking introduced for the local-file – at the 2nd save
        • hard-linking is broken.
  • Quick update (Alex)
    • is not around for this meeting.

Update on what we’re up to (Kendy)

  • Mostly bug-fixing, and some ongoing a11y
    • Gokay has several patches to merge – fixing all reported issued from browser testing.
  • Fixing bugs related to sidebar & notebookbar (Szymon)
    • had some conflicts on the core side - now fixed & works nicely.
    • Reviewed all the sidebar & notebookbar bugs
    • had only one enhancement request.
    • Change the sidebar not to be show by default …
    • Estonian characters causing issues in comments & hyperlinks – ignoring the newlines.
    • How much sanitization do we do here ? (Michael)
      • when loaded in online – we parse this & get only the text
        so we ignore any HTML injected (Szymon)
        • in general – reviewed the code, are not using innerHTML
        • are using innerText or textContent.
  • Dennis still on RTL spreadsheets

Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Pedro)

Cleanup by default (Gabriel)

  • did Ralf activate it in his environment ?
    • Not sure (Michael)
      • do poke him.
      • Are there good defaults here ?
        • Not something everyone needs necessarily (Gabriel)
          • but using it for around two years – didn’t experience issues.
          • Seems reasonable to activate.

Next Meeting

Thursday, Nov 25, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC) (12 CEST)