Collabora Weekly meeting #48

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #48

Date: Nov 11, 2021

Next meeting: Nov 18, 2021

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  1. Attendees (write your name):
  • Pedro, Szymon, Gabriel, Pranam, Michael, Andras, Ezinne, Thorsten
  1. Community update (Pedro)
  1. Design bits (Pedro)
  • Community website: need to swap CTA to something else (it is still COOL days focused)
  • Redesigning Welcome dialog (Pedro)
    • kinda works already
    • there were a couple of problems in some browsers
      • this was already fixed
    • And now I need to chase on mobile
      • since we have the flex box design it will not be difficult, I hope
  • About dialog
    • Right now it’s working on desktop with the new structure (so using dynamic dimensions and flex box layout)
    • It will allow for more flexibility regarding logos
    • And now I need fix some remaining stuff on mobile
  • Lots of things to fix / improve before the release; still some sidebar pieces.
    • This has been merged
    • there is one more thing in the sidebar to be fixed (when using calc)
  • and some specific bits like color-pickers need sorting
    • merged
  • Current theme – needs to be at a nice stage in both classic & notebookbar
    • still some stuff to do
  • Bit of oddness in the writer / home tab eg. (Michael)
    • there is still some alignments to be fixed specially with the inclusion of the brand new character spacing menu btn
  • Toolbars → to do

The Cypress tests (Pedro)

  • were a bit wonky, but it should get back on track soon, some tests were disabled and some merged

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • CO-2021
  • 6.4.14
    • Released non-release last week
    • next 6.4.15, after we sort out the urgent issues with 2021 release
      • it will contain small fixes for customers
  • CO-2021 (Kendu)
    • getting safe renames in for RC1 and discuss
    • rename of loleaflet.html → cool.html is reasonably safe
      • has been done, inclunding branding
      • we found a few issues that will be solving today, it’s should be fine
      • To do: update documentations and send newsletter

Misc 1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Gabriel created PR:
    • Will created a new PR for the PDF conversion
      • adding to the forum’s topic
    • admin: add resource consuming docs cleanup metrics by gmasei11 · Pull Request #3507 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
      • merged
    • Discover important bug related to saving → CO-2021
      • needs more investigation
      • Changing document; save; inserting image; inserting chart; save and close;
        • Reopening document will not show chart neither image
        • it seems related to mounting configuration in loolwsd.xml (if it’s disabled that occurs)
        • Michael: probably related with async save
          • Gabriel: I just re-tested and it seems not related to how fast/slow we save the document
          • Gabriel: I will create a bug report
        • Michael: could you please ping Ash? Gabriel: yup
  • Performance issue around spreadsheets with comments
    • a fix already
    • File not opening in Firefox – hangs at initializing.
      • Some N^2 in the JS ? (Michael)
        • do poke at it.
  • Recordings for COOL-days ?
    • Videos are already available in the youtube channel
    • Finishing this now (William) → didn’t send out emails
      • Pedro will send out emails to everyone
  • Quick update (Alex)
    • working on something else for the company for the last few weeks
    • estimated 1-2 weeks will be done with this major feature
      • still on-going
    • will resume work on planned contributions for the frontend.

Default to Notebookbar (Kendy)

  • this is still not merged … need to get that in.
    • Andras to chase
      • Unit tests fail → Ash is chasing that

Update on what we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Getting CO-2021 in a reasonable state to be released
  • Now fixing many things in the sidebar
    • Resizing issues
    • Image panel issues
  • Biggest things – RTL spreadsheets: Dennis is starting
  • Gokay on a11y improvements.
  • Otherwise lots of bug-fixing left & right.
  1. Pull Requests in Need of Attention (Kendy)
  • Kendy has been chasing this and merging stuff and/or rebasing etc

Next Meeting

Thursday, Nov 18, 2021 at 11:00 am (UTC) (12 CEST)