Collabora on Windows/Linux Tablets

Hello everyone,
Some time ago we bought tablets for some classes at our school. Since we cannot raise the financial means for Microsoft 365, we decided to use LibreOffice, which we have also had good experiences with on the school computers. However, I am getting more and more feedback from the students and some of my fellow teachers that LibreOffice can only be used poorly on the tablet. Touch scrolling doesn’t work, many dialog windows do not quite fit on the screen and are cut off, …

After some research I came across Collabora Office, which as far as I can see is based on LibreOffice and also seems to offer a version optimized for tablets. Unfortunately, it only seem to be available for Chromebooks and iPads, but the devices we use run with Windows (and, thanks to an initiative from parents, increasingly also with Debian Linux). So my question would be, is it possible to get the tablet version of Collabora Office to work on Windows or Linux tablets as well, or are there any developments/plans in that direction?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there d_s :slight_smile:
Welcome at our forum! And interesting question for a respectful use case you have.

Indeed Collabora Office also runs nicely on mobile devices, that is iOS and Android.
So on a Linux tablet there is no problem. For Windows… not that I’m aware of. There no Android container on that?
Cheers - Cor

Excuse me if I missed something, but where can I find the tablet version for Linux? When I install the normal linux version I have the normal desktop interface and the tablet version I can only find for iPads, Android and ChromeOS, no mainline linux. If this version is not available for Windwos but for Linux, that would not be a big problem, since we want to switch the tablets to Linux gradually anyway.

might be my ignorance, but I did have the idea that all Linux tablets run either Android or ChromeOS … :wink:

No, they don’t. In simplified terms Linux isn’t a complete operating system, but only a part of it (the kernel to be precise). While Android and ChromeOS use Linux, they don’t use other parts that operating systems, commonly known as Linux (like Ubuntu or, in my case, Debian), use. So while you can’t just execute Android apps on Debian/Ubuntu/… and vice versa, there are ways to achieve this, like the Android container you mentioned. I also tried that but it didn’t work.
Nonetheless thanks for your help.