Unable to install on chromeOS Flex

I followed the instructions for installation on Debian 11, which is activated in my chromeOS Flex.
No error message occured, but I cannot find Collabora Office on the desktop.

I use LibreOffice on the Chromebooks Linux as I couldn’t make the Linux release of Collabora Office work on it.
Unfortunately the latest Google Chrome OS upgrade v101 for Chromebooks has broken the Collabora Office app.

On chromeOS Flex, Collabora Office does not work.

On my HP Chromebook, it is running!
I installed it some month ago.
COOLWSD Version:
Collabora Office

Now, I have installed successfully Libreoffice on chromeOS Flex.

Thats good to hear. Here is a summary as far as I get it, today:

  • Collabora Office Android app no longer works on Chrome OS since v101.
  • Collabora Office Linux app works on Chrome OS Crostini works but not on Chrome OS Flex Linux.
  • Libreoffice works on both Chrome OS Crostini and Chrome OS Flex Linux.

Welcome to the forum @pbreh and thanks for taking the time to sign up and report this up. Thanks @rpear for the additional context :slight_smile: