Collabora online cloud

I have done integration with Collabora Online cloud to Appian BPM to open Word Document and edit the document.

Can we have entire word document read only? if yes, Please provide any references or links regarding the topic

Thanks in Advance

Hey @npkr.hdp ,

Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

If you want all documents of a certain type be read-only, then you can set this in the discovery.xml file. See:

So you could, for example, set DOCX with READ but no edit permissions.

If you wanted it to be user-togglable per file, that’s a little trickier… I know that Nextcloud Office implemented it on top of Collabora. You might be able to find more exact info/code by searching read only in:

PS. What is Appian BPM? And how/why are you getting Word documents in there? I’ve never even heard of it before. :slight_smile: