Collabora Online Weekly #110

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #109

Date: Mar 02nd 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Gülşah, Anna, Andras, Nicolas, Cosmin, Gabriel, Ezinne, Timur

Release schedule (Andras)

  • 22.05 release , found regression and wanted to re-spin
  • tile update problems caused by video patch reverted in the
    release branch are still present in master.
    • switched to share for this call for today.


  • Trying to setup CO with oCIS but a bit difficult, documentation seems small
  • Pedro: Yes, I had the same problem also looking into this
    • Nicolas: I got it working but I needed to get an older CODE docker image and it now works.
      • Sent Email. Thanks!
  • Spent some time testing iOS
  • Suggestion / bug report on “Leave editor” dialog
    • Text message now improved

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Community (Pedro)

Community: Dark mode

  • AI: Pedro needs to rebase dark mode branch (and solve any conflicts coming from new sidebar work) , then ping Andreas K.
  • Branch was very old and with multiple conficts. Branch rebased and now ready to receive Prs. AI → rebase branch and force push
  • There is an issue:Add a dark mode · Issue #4382 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
  • Why in a branch not master ?
    • We got regressions left & right here.
      • Affecting the non-dark-mode.
      • Plan to add a switcher so it doesn’t do it automatically.
    • Can just merge it – and hide the switcher.
      • Make it visible in CODE.
      • Also trigger info jsdialogs.
  • Paris is working on the core rendering pieces as of now (Michael)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Improve connectors popup dropdown · Issue #5418 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub → awaiting for review
  • Hyperlink popup, text input field (misaligned ) is actually a textarea
    • Pedro: tried to fix it by replacing the html element (not possible it would break for some cases). Instead fix the height and the misalignment via CSS.
    • Szymon hyperlink was converted to jsdialog
      • ui fix
      • CSS improvements, text size
      • Pedro we should set minim width
      • More styling font weight
      • A.I.: ctrl + a inside of the input field select document text
    • Mobile: calc : you can now print/download parts of the document (PDF )
    • Document Accessibility checker appearing in non-text doctypes

Updated code headers (Michael)

  • Kendy added new top-level to be used for new files.
  • Helpful Linux Foundation training here:
  • The Linux Foundation

Gabriel (1-and-1)

  • I look into browser: add last modification timeout setting by alessioalex-1and1 · Pull Request #4195 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub I will then rebase
  • multiple savings (in unmodified documents) in between very short chunks of time (seconds. there is no pattern. The document is identical, identical metadata. Connection closes and then reopens → then it saves. Is not something continuous (maybe between the browser and our infrastructure, maybe the client keep trying to connect)
    • Cosmin: I was able to reproduce this sometimes by closing the socket
  • Dynamic change to the log level
    • it takes some time to go online
    • Admin console module is now enabled and we will use it to trigger the dynamic change
  • Added extra information re: log-level etc. … for Kit & coolwsd …
    • would be nice to log just for one specific DocumentBroker (Michael)
      • currently not possible – due to Poco logging.
  • Fix re: slow-start of COW bits … (Gabriel)
    • some topology number of pods / pictures of infra would be great too ! (Michael)

LibreOffice conference (Gabriel)

Other ongoing work

  • Rash
    • Content control date picker is not localized
    • Cypress fixes

COOL Days 2023

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