Collabora Online Weekly #109

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #109

Date: Feb 23rd 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Gülşah, Ezinne, Anna, Gökay, Andras, Nicolas, Aron, Cosmin, Gabriel, Kendy

Release schedule (Andras)

  • Tested 23.05 on staging )
  • We will keep produce snpshot packages and then → CODE new docker image based on 23:05 (not yet)
  • iOS release based on 22:05 is in the works (now we have concept build → published in the Apple’s testflight)
    • released → testflight


  • Trying to setup CO with oCIS but a bit difficult, documentation seems small
    • Pedro: Yes, I had the same problem also looking into this
    • Nicolas: I got it working but I needed to get an older CODE docker image and it now works.
      • Sent Email. Thanks!
  • Spent some time testing iOS

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Community (Pedro)

Community: Dark mode

  • AI: Pedro needs to rebase dark mode branch (and solve any conflicts coming from new sidebar work) , then ping Andreas K.
  • Branch was very old and with multiple conficts. Branch rebased and now ready to receive Prs. AI → rebase branch and force push
  • There is an issue: Add a dark mode · Issue #4382 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
  • Why in a branch not master ?
    • We got regressions left & right here.
      • Affecting the non-dark-mode.
      • Plan to add a switcher so it doesn’t do it automatically.
    • Can just merge it – and hide the switcher.
      • Make it visible in CODE.
      • Also trigger info jsdialogs.
  • Michael poking in his spare time at this.

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Improve connectors popup dropdown · Issue #5418 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub → awaiting for review
  • Hyperlink popup, text input field (misaligned ) is actually a textarea
    • Pedro: tried to fix it by replacing the html element (not possible it would break for some cases). Instead fix the height and the misalignment via CSS.
    • Szymon hyperlink was converted to jsdialog
      • ui fix
      • CSS improvements, text size
      • Pedro we should set minim widht
    • Pedro: Right now we have two types of JSDialogs movable and not movable (pop ups, such as info dialogs) they look identical. We should differentiate them (maybe adding overlay)


  • As we move away from Vex (converting them into JSDialogs) are we moving also towards more Typescript?
  • Symon: We can start to convert the separated JSdialogs files into typescript one by one.


Other ongoing work

  • Szymon:
    • File properties dialog was not working on some languages
      • Quotes were being used and thus breaking the JSON → done and merged
    • Content controls dialogs fixes (overlapping buttons) → done
    • Citations features that require integration will not be visible if the integrator doesn’t support it → buttons do not appear when the feature set is not available
    • Calc fix missing range error dialog
    • Formula bar fix related to copy paste


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